Boys & Girls Clubs at RJK Middle School Host Fifth Annual Alice Kreiter Senior Prom

Monticello’s RJK Middle School Boys & Girls Clubs had a great time participating in the 5th Annual Alice Kreiter Senior Citizens Prom early this month.

As part of their community service efforts, the Club kids work all year as part of the Prom Planning Committee, and then they help set-up, serve the Senior Citizens and even entertain them, as well.

“This event is a great opportunity to help bridge the gap between the seniors and the youth, it helps foster new relationships and open communication,” said Sullivan Unit Director Barbi Neumann-Marty.

Students and seniors worked together all year to raise funds for the prom and were pleased with the results of their hard work. The club kids spent hours decorating in red, white, and blue that reflected the patriotic theme of the event, to bring a fresh look to the Monticello Firehouse where the Prom was held.

Special guests included Monticello School District superintendent, Dan Teplesky, who helped the kids every step of the way, as well as Hon. Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.