Boys & Girls Clubs at RJK Middle School Unveil Mural Masterpiece

Mural is on Permanent Display in RJK Middle School

The Boys & Girls Club at Monticello’s RJK Middle School was pleased to unveil a mural painted by the Club kids under the tutelage of renowned local artist Jack Yelle.

The mural project is the capstone of months of Fine Arts classes donated to the Clubs by Mr. Yelle. They also displayed their sketching, watercolors and other projects.

Sullivan Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson was on hand to help celebrate the occasion, saying, “The interaction between the community and the Boys & Girls Clubs is beautiful. Hearing about the opportunities that these children are given and the places that they go and the things that they do is so inspiring.”

The Club kids also planned a reception for Chairman Samuelson and their guests, and catered the event by preparing some of their favorite recipes they learned in their weekly cooking classes. They served the guests deviled eggs, mango avocado salsa, and lemonade.