Community Service in the Clubs

In 2010, our Clubs made the decision to make monthly community service a compulsory part of membership for our Club kids. We believe that children who help out and become invested in their communities are less likely to be destructive and cause harm to or in their communities. And so far, our Club kids have done a GREAT job of showing us the truth in that belief!

Sometimes it’s a project as simple as Valentines for Veterans at Castle Point, sometimes it’s something else like hosting a Senior Citizen Prom in Monticello, raising funds for flags in Liberty, volunteering as cocoa runners at Country Christmas in Pine Bush or helping out at the local animal shelter in Middletown.

In 2010, our Club kids gave 20,000 of community service to our local communities, and that number has held firm ever since. This year we’re also starting community service between our Club locations, to encourage our older Club teens to mentor their younger counterparts.

Do you have a community service project our Club kids can get involved in? Give us a call at 845-342-8833 and share your ideas with us!