Milton Hershey’s Birthday Kicks Off Cooking Programs

Bet you didn’t know when Milton Hershey’s birthday was, did you? Well, this week our Club kids found out (it’s September 13th, incidentally), and they got to enjoy a completely delicious, though not snack-plan approved treat to celebrate!

Now, every Club kid gets a healthy snack each day, usually a whole grain and a fruit or vegetable. This can be crackers, pretzels, cheez-its, oranges, apples and 100% juice boxes, among other things. Chocolate and marshmallows are usually NOT on the menu.

But, as the Executive Director, I love moments like this in the Clubs because rather than being handed applesauce or a juice box, our Club kids got to interact with their snack (I’m not a good influence in moments like these)! We took marshmallows on sticks, dipped them in melted chocolate and then twirled them in graham crackers for the perfect S’more pop!

It’s also a great segue into the cooking that will take place in the program this year- reel them in with something sweet, and covert them with healthy recipes they can share with their families and all new cooking classes!

Over the summer, our Program Leaders requested some additional cooking equipment, and we were lucky enough to get a grant to cover some pretty neat things like Ninja blenders, convection ovens and griddles, so they can make different treats with our Club kids. Expect to see smoothies, pancakes and I’ve even heard rumor of a roast chicken making an appearance at program. It’s all part of the “H” in Boys & Girls Clubs model “CHASE” – Health and Wellbeing.

We’re also blessed to have some local chefs who have agreed to work with our Club kids, in their restaurants or in our programs, to make healthy, delicious treats for everyone!

And while we’re on the topic of food, I’m proud to announce that our Board of Directors has approved the continuation of our Fallsburg Teen Center, which will continue to operate Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm and Fridays from 6-10pm, and will serve a dinner to every Club teen who wants one!

If you have cooking equipment in good repair (pots, pans, spatulas, etc), or non-perishable foods you would like to donate to these food programs, please give us a call at 845-342-8833!