Revere Smelting & Refinery Wins 1st Annual Corporate Color Wars

Event Benefited The Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc.

Revere Smelting and Refinery took home First Place honors at the First Annual Corporate Color Wars to benefit the Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc. on Saturday June 2, 2012.

The event, which was chaired by the enthusiastic Patrick English of Dana Distributors, pitted eight local companies against one another in a series of five events, reminiscent of the final days of Summer Camp.

English said, “This was a fun day, everyone had a great time and at the end of the day, the children of the Boys & Girls Clubs really benefited from the funds we raised.”

Each business sponsored a team of ten players and maybe a few ringers, too! Team players kicked off the day by strategizing their way through the Brain Buster Competition, where teams were faced with the task of creating a human bridge across a span of grass. Team Schiff won this event.

Teams next competed in an Inflatable Gladiator Joust, which exemplified the extremely competitive nature of the teams as they fought to stay on their pedestal. By a very narrow margin, Team Kohl’s prevailed at this challenge, after facing stiff competition from Team Irwin Siegel Agency.

No Summer Camp Color Wars is ever complete without a Pie Eating Contest, and Team New Hope Community decimated the competition, though the team from Judelson, Giordano & Siegel put up a valiant effort.

At the Karaoke Roulette, teams spun a wheel to determine which song they would have to perform. Teams were judged by three celebrity judges: Tony-nominated actor and choreographer Samuel Wright, Derrik Wynkoop, President of Walden Savings Bank and the always acerbic Greg Goldstein from The Misner Agency, who emulated American Idol’s Simon Cowell with his harsh yet hilarious commentary. Team Revere Smelting narrowly edged out Team Boys & Girls Clubs, who were sponsored by Commercial Project Management of Middletown.

The final event was a grueling ten-person Apache Relay Race, which led players across the fields and around the lake at Circleville Park shooting hoops, paddle boating, kick soccer goals and so much more. Team Lanc & Tully completed the course more than two minutes ahead of their closest competitor.

In the end, Revere Smelting & Refinery’s “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” captured the day, with Lanc & Tully’s Team Golden coming in second and Kohl’s Distribution Center taking third place. Competitors became friends over the Networking Biergarten, sponsored by Dana Distributors.

“This was a great first outing, bringing together companies and teams from across Sullivan and Orange County to channel their inner child for a day, and raise more than $8000 for our local Clubs at the same time!” said BGC Executive Director Alexis Eggleton.