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Who We Are

Senior Unit Director

KEY ROLES: (Essential Job Responsibilities):
• Establish Club programs, activities and services that prepare youth for success and that create a Club environment that facilitates achievement of Youth Development Outcomes, meets curricula benchmarks and ensures growth for Club members.
• Oversee the maintenance of facilities, equipment and supplies to create a health and safe environment for Club members.
• Administer a Summer Camp on behalf of the organization; including planning activities, staffing, trips and creating a safe environment for our campers and staff.

Strategic Planning
• Plan, develop, implement and evaluate Club programs, services, activities and curricula to ensure they meet stated objectives and member needs and interests.
• Compile regular reports reflecting, but not limited to, all activities, attendance and participation. Submit reports in a timely manner.
• Recommend modifications to improve program performance as appropriate.

Resource Management
• Coordinates program/camp budget development in partnership with management staff. Oversees expenditures to ensure compliance with budget for each supervised Club and camp. Monitors and reports variances in revenues and expenditures.
• Ensure administrative and operational systems are in place to maintain the operation of the physical properties and equipment of the Club and camp, including use of facilities by outside groups.
• Ensure compliance with organization policies.
• Recruit, manage and provide career development opportunities for Club staff and volunteers.
• Conduct regular staff meetings with bi-annual performance evaluations.

Partnership Development
• Develop collaborative partnerships with other youth serving organizations, members, parents, families and community organizations within the areas the Club serves.

Marketing and Public Relations
• Participate in activities to maintain good public relations for Club programs, services and activities.
• Assist with the development and maintenance of public relations to increase the visibility of programs, services and activities with in the Club and the community.

Additional Responsibilities
• Purchase or approve purchase of supplies and equipment for designated programs/camps within budgeted limits.
• Work with staff on special events to carry out programs in all departments.
• Exercise authority in problems relating to members; utilize guidance and discipline plan when needed.
• May assist in the administration of assigned Club programs by overseeing program operations at each location; ensures the completion of required reports; and preparation of any required interagency reports.
• Assume other duties as assigned.

• Internal – Maintains close contact with Club professional staff to interpret and explain organizational mission, program objectives and standards, discuss issues and provide/receive information. Has regular contact with Club members as needed to assist with advise, counsel and/or discipline. Senior Unit Directors will have a deeper understanding of organizational procedures within the administrative office, Club/camp programs, services and activities; enabling them to mentor Unit Directors.
• External – Maintains contact with external community groups, schools and others to assist in resolving problems and to publicize Club. Creates, maintains and nurtures relationships with community groups, members and leaders in order to promote and cultivate the Club’s image in the communities we serve.

• Experience working for a nonprofit or youth development agency
• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university or 4 years’ of equivalent experience in a supervisory/management position.
• A minimum of 4 years work experience in a Boy & Girls Club or similar youth-focused organization planning and supervising activities based on the developmental needs of young people.
• Demonstrated ability in facilities management and staff supervision. Ability to recruit, train and motivate staff to retain key personnel.
• Ability to deal effectively with Club members including discipline problems.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Excellent written & oral communication and interpersonal skills in order to deal with a diverse group of individuals.
• Must be a team player who is able to think logically and analytically.
• Ability to work under pressure and produce results in a timely manner
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and to develop solutions to problems with limited supervision.
• Maintains close contact with assigned staff to provide technical assistance in matters of programming and operations; interacts regularly with the Program Director.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Club staff, subordinates, Board members, community groups, and other related agencies.