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Kathleen Christie

Kathleen Christie

Kathleen A. Christie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 25 years experience both in clinical practice and developing creative learning opportunities for youth, communities, and elders.  She has specialized in substance use disorders, trauma, dyadic/family work, parenting, and confronting barriers mental health can pose to thriving in this messy but potentially glorious thing called life. 

Inspired by insight into how limited the rehabilitative opportunities are in the criminal system within the US, she has woven a career in Arts Education around a passion for building programs that ensure all in the education system are offered the chance to thrive academically, and build resistance to police involvement and incarceration. 

Highlights of her professional experience include co-developing an intensive, 18 week parenting program for parents of 3 year olds within the Harlem Children's Zone and training in staff over the growth of 10 years, serving as the Education Director at Brooklyn Arts Council for 8 years where she represented the borough of Brooklyn in a city wide launch of Creative Aging Programming, being the inaugural Senior Director of Arts and Humanities at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, and, as a consultant, developing "Fine Arts and Creative Learning: A Vision and Strategy Plan for Hastings College and the Hastings-area Community."  

Currently, she has a psychotherapy practice in Callicoon, NY and is a clinical supervisor for a national online substance use disorder treatment program; additionally she consults on projects supporting creative learning initiatives, conducts training and presentations.